The old pub

The ArsFIGURA exposition in the Losheimer Ardenner Cultur Boulevard presents an old smuggler pub with moving human dolls.

A bottle of schnapps that never empties

Sophisticated technology moves carouser

Always the initiators of the Ardennes Cultur Boulevard try to refine and improve their exhibitions. In search of a lively design for their old alley, the entrepreneurs found the young "vending machine builder" Sébastien Boucherit. This fiddly Brussels man, who is actually a studied biologist, has been working for several years on the restoration of old mechanical musical instruments and the construction of movable mannequins. The exhibition managers were directly enthralled by the specialist's skills and engaged him immediately for a number of highlights. A smuggler's pub was needed. Since the grandfather of today's Balter family already had such a pub right on the border, it was obvious that it should be rebuilt. The "Gasthof zum Bahnhof" was revived.

There is the barman, who constantly gets drunk without getting really drunk. This is a very sophisticated technique using various motors, pumps and hoses, the vending machine manufacturer managed to conjure up a realistic scenery that fascinates every visitor. Two drinkers, each throwing their cups for a race, put the spectators under their spell. When the pianist also hits the keys and the music of the 20s sounds, the scenery is perfect.